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Our bodies are designed to last a lifetime

The better they work the easier it is to enjoy life everyday.


A series of programmes that offer a range of classes to the millions of people who would benefit physically and mentally from gentle exercise.

Ideal for those who find regular fitness classes too demanding, or who haven’t exercised for a long time, or who are coming back from injury.

It may be accessible to those with a wide range of health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, bad backs etc.

Paracise™ programmes follow the same formula so wherever you attend a class you can be confident it will be low impact, low intensity and have no floor

Medication in motion!

PARACISE™ can result in improved posture, core strength, increased flexibility, mobility and can reduce the risk of injury or pain.

Lack of mobility can reduce our quality of life and age us prematurely.


Paracise™ classes are available in all areas with new classes added all the time, please register your interest here.


“In 2014 I was diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease that has no cure or treatment. As a fitness instructor, this was a life changing diagnosis. I had noticed that muscles in my legs, ankles, shoulders, arms and abdomen had become weak and I could no longer run or walk without a noticeable limp.

I created Paracise™ to help me keep active, stay mobile and to help me adjust to the ever- changing muscle imbalance in my body.

The results are life changing: I have reduced pain and muscle tightness. I am still able to teach my fitness classes and I feel mentally & physically strong and positive.

Paracise can change your life for the better, it works for me and for others.

Our bodies are designed to last a lifetime & the better they work the easier it is to enjoy life everyday.”

Sarah Goldsack