Paracise Flow Learner Application Form

Paracise™ PILATES Learner Application Form

Contact Details

Public Liability Insurance / PPL Licence

As part of the requirement for obtaining a PARACISE™ Instructor Licence, you must hold valid Public Liability Insurance. It is imperative that you are covered by an insurance policy. If the insurance policy is through your employer, it is essential that you do not deliver tuition at any venue where you are not covered by this insurance policy.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that you are fully compliant with all the licence requirements of PPL and PRS. All music you download must be done responsibly and legally.

If you do not currently have Public Liability Insurance & PPL licence, you must have these in place by the time you start teaching our PARACISE™ classes.

Professional Conduct & Procedures

As part of the requirement for obtaining a PARACISE™ Fitness® Instructor Licence, you must adhere to and
retain on file the following documents:

  • A copy of your own or a Recognised Awarding Organisations’ Code of Professional Conduct
  • A written Health and Safety policy
  • A written Equal Opportunities policy

Your Online Listing

Once you are a qualified PARACISE™ Fitness Instructor you will be able to display details of your classes on our Instructor directory. You have full access to add and edit your own class listings.


By submitting this application form you agree to the following:

  • I confirm I am 18 years or over, and have the necessary qualifications/experience to meet the pre-requisites to become a PARACISE™ Instructor.
  • I can confirm that I have appropriate policies and adhere to strict procedures in respect to health and safety, safe practice, equal opportunities and customer service.
  • I declare that I adhere to a Recognised Awarding Organisations’ Code of Professional Conduct.
  • I am aware that I must hold adequate and valid Public Liability insurance & a PPL music licence at all times.

Confidentiality Agreement

By submitting this application form you agree to the following:

All PARACISE™ documents you receive are for the sole use of our qualified & licensed PARACISE™Instructors, to aid in the delivery of a quality fitness experience to our clients.

This Agreement regulates the disclosure and/or non-disclosure of all confidential information. It is also called a nondisclosure agreement, due to the restrictions on disclosure that are placed on the parties to the Agreement.

PARACISE™ (the ‘Disclosing’ party) and you (the ‘Receiving’ party) agree to protect our interests when disclosing confidential information, ensuring that all information you receive is not made public to third parties and/or used for any purposes other than as is outlined in the Agreement.

All rights reserved - No copying or distribution in part or whole should take place without authorisation. No documents are to be transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the copyright owners.