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What are people saying about Paracise?


We ARE DELIGHTED TO report we have lots of positive reviews here is the  latest one from the NHS Wellness advisor;

“I took part in Sarah’s Paracise class on Monday morning at Woldingham Village Hall. I was warmly greeted by everyone and instantly felt welcomed. The class was filled with a variety of abilities both male and female and age was not a problem. Working for the Wellbeing Prescription team at Tandridge and coming from a fitness background myself I was conscious of the level of this class. I wanted to feel confident about recommending clients to try ‘Paracise’. It was the perfect class for someone new to exercise, but also fabulous for anyone with a few niggles or pain, aches and stiffness, injuries or restrictions. It was easy to follow even if you have two left feet! The pace was perfectly set and there were options – there was no pressure if you needed to stop and catch your breath. It made me aware of my posture, my breathing and also helped my balance. I would have no hesitation in recommending our Wellbeing clients to try ‘Paracise’ – I think it could be the perfect anecdote for anyone to keep moving, start moving or get back to moving after injury – also good for the soul with some great tracks that you can’t help singing along to.”

NHS Wellness advisor

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We have lots more positive reviews from our members and we’d love to get feedback from you!

“As the project co-ordinator for the Xcite West Lothian Leisure Ageing Well project I was looking for additional actvities to add to our programme for the over 50’s and I came across a new progarmme online called Paracise.

I contacted Paracise to make enquires and I had the pleasure of arranging a Paracise Masterclass with the wonderful Sarah Goldstack to showcase her product in Scotland on Saturday 17th February 2018.

A total of 40 people including customers and Instructors attended the 45 minute Masterclass and everyone had such a great aftenoon. There were so many smiling faces throughtout the class it was clearly evident Sarah had such a passion for her product and the delivery of the programme was fantastic. Paracise certainly delivers a feel good facture to ensure you want to do it all again.

Our customers loved the fact that the music was very uplifting and the routines were easy to follow. Really gentle on the joints and stimulating. The perfect workout for thouse who require a lower intensity level of class.

Our Instructors loved the fact that the all the choreography was so easy to follow and this would mean we can deliver a safe and effective class to a wider audience who are looking to maintain or improve their quality of life. The music was so uplifting and motivating. The class was well formatted and ideal for those participants who are lacking in confidence, recovering from injuires or totally new to exercise. The class had all the necessary elements of fitness, stability, strength and balance which is so important for in everyday life.

We are now looking forward to introducing this wonderful new class to our programme. Well done Sarah.

Kind regards



“Just to say, thank you for setting up the masterclass of Paracise at Broxburn on Saturday.

It was a well formatted class and I can see why it is a great benefit to those participants that are not as mobile, lacking in confidence, recovering from injuries, trying to lose weight, over 50s and those totally new to exercise!  It was very uplifiting music and the simple moves still worked your body to help improve all elements of fitness, stability, balance, strength, mobility, cardiovascular and even core! I can definitely see that it would be a benefit to Xcite members and to GP referrals etc.

If all instructors are doing the same format it would provide consistency so all participants will then know what they are getting in the class. Which is great as the Les Mills brand already shows that this works!

Sarah from Paracise was an excellent ambassador for the class product and showed that anyone can do it! Even with her condition of muscular Dystrophy!”

An Instructor Review

“Mondays Paracise class was the perfect class for me. Following surgery I was suffering from stiffness in my neck and shoulders. And despite the fatigue I really wanted to get moving again. The music was great, Sarah’s enthusiasm is infectious and as well as working my body it did my confidence a power of good!”


“I went to my first paracise last night. I suffer with fibromyalgia I have good days but mostly bad days. I thought I would give Paracise a go as I use to do Sarah’s Zumba classes but have not been able to do them for over a year now because of my fibromyalgia.

I can honestly say I was dreading waking up in mega pain this morning but I can honestly say I woke up with the usual aches and pains but felt better for doing the paracise class. So from now on I am going to carry on with the paracise class to build me up and you never know one day I might be able to go back and do Zumba again.

I can’t thank Sarah enough she is always there for us to help with all the gentle exercise and how you can go about it if you can’t do a certain exercise. Please please give the paradise class ago I promise you won’t be disappointed. xx”


“I have done two Paracise classes and already I have noticed an improvement in my balance. Also an injury from running has got significantly better due to the stretching.

I feel Paracise exercises are brilliant for maintaining a healthy body and mind and I would highly recommend them.”


“I haven’t been to an exercise class for a year and a half due to illness, having been sleeping for 20 hours a day I had put on lots of weight and no stamina it was as much as I could do to return work let alone go and do a Zumba class at the end of the day! Mind say yes body says NO!

Sarah advertised Paracise and I thought that sounds like the sort of class I may be able to handle so I went last night for the first time.

I came out if it jumping around yes I did it, no I didn’t look silly, no I didn’t feel intimidated when I wobbled to get my balance again.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I knew Sarah would encourage, help and advise I just need the confidence to make that first step! Thank you Sarah you are one amazing lady – see you next week!”


“Hi Sarah – loved the Paracise class. I used to enjoy the Zumba but have arthritis in both knees, right hip, lower back and left shoulder and had to give that up. I wanted the fun of zumba with a low intensity muscle toning and to basically keep all the joints working. This new class covered most areas – Will definitely be back next week.”


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